Electronics design expertise & experience We have hands on experience in the following areas:
Embedded electronic devices with color LCD & touch screens, Data loggers, Temperature/humidity control systems with digital display & temperature set points, timers, alarm panel systems, telephone line based (PSTN) telemetry modem, telephone line based remote control of devices, interactive voice based menu systems for controlling over telephone line, radio frequency (RF) based wireless control systems, wireless mouse, wireless water level indicators, vibration sensitive tamper proof alarm, automatic movie camera control systems (LANC), infrared remote control learn/repeat, IrDA (infra-red) communications, ethernet (LAN) or Internet enabled devices, ultrasonic based SONAR, occupancy sensors, embedded computers/boards, GPS based autopilot for model planes, automatic vent controlling, motor speed controllers & drivers, solid state voice record/playback systems, audio amplifiers, water flow sensor, SMPS (switched mode) power supplies, switched mode battery charges (NiCD, NiMH, Li-Ion, Li-Polymer etc), constant current/constant voltage based battery chargers, PID controllers, wireless transceiver based remote sensors, multi channel video switchers, key press counters, tilt alarms, sound effect generators, light effect generators (LED), handheld computers .... etc.
Types of electronic devices:
Atmel 8051 series- AT89C51, AT89C52, AT89C55, AT89C2051/4051, entire AVR series- AT90S, ATmega & ATtiny series, Microchip PIC series - PIC16F84A, PIC16F877, PIC12F629, PIC12F675, PIC16Cxx, PIC12Cxxx, PIC18, Cypress, Motorola MC68HC11, Sharp ARM 7 LH79520, TI DSP TMS320 series, TI MSP430 series (MSP430F448, MSP430F449, MSP430F169, MSP430F156, MSP430GF4619 etc), Philips LPC2000 series ARM7 controllers ( LPC2138, LPC2148 etc), ST micro STR7 series ARM processor. We have used almost all kinds of microcontroller peripherals in our projects like digital I/O, timers, watchdog timer, A/D converter, DAC/PWM, serial interface (UART, I2C, SPI etc), power management modes, USB controller, on-chip EEPROM, analog comparators etc - the list is very exhaustive. We can easily adapt to any system other than listed above.
We have extensive experience in using wireless (radio frequency - RF or infrared - IR) for various applications. We have worked on embedded wireless Bluetooth, wireless LAN (802.11b) & the license free ISM bands for wireless data transmission and controlling applications. We are aware about the FCC rules and complying with them. We have worked on readily available wireless (RF) modules & also designed the entire RF sections using discrete RF chips.
Wireless technology:
RS232, RS422, RS485, CAN, USB, UART, I2C (two wire), SPI (three wire), 1-wire, IrDA, LAN (ethernet), UDP, TCP/IP, PS/2. WLAN 802.11b (PRISM) etc.
Communication Protocols:
Real time clocks (RTCs), Radio frequency (RF) wireless transmitter/receiver & transceiver chips, GPS modules, GSM/GPRS modules, external EEPROM, Flash memory, SRAM, A/D converters, D/A converters, Temperature sensors, Humidity sensors, DTMF telephone chips, protocol converters, embedded ethernet controller chips, PSTN (telephone line) modem chips, audio/voice CODECs, MP3 decoder etc.
External Hardware:
Keyboard, mouse, keypads, buttons, LEDs, LCD alphanumeric/numeric, LCD color/monochrome modules (character and graphical), TFT color LCD panel, OLED color LCD, CSTN color LCD, graphical user interface (GUI), touch panels, 7-segment multiplexed LED display, membrane switches, DIP switches, solenoid, relay, optical/mechanical encoder etc.
User interface hardware (input/output):
Thermistor, thermocouple, digital temperature/RH sensor, hall effect sensor, RTD, PIR (passive infrared) motion detection, vibration sensors, acceleration/tilt sensors, water level sensor, water flow sensor, infrared emitter/detector, pressure sensors, ultrasonic transducers (SONAR) etc.
We specialize in embedded systems design, covering both hardware & firmware/software, making use of microcontrollers/microprocessors along with additional hardware interfacing consisting of both analog & digital circuits. We also supplement our design services with small quantity production runs so that customers can test out how their product performs in the market & also large volume production.

All popular 8bit, 16bit & 32bit microcontrollers & microprocessors (PIC, 8051, AVR, ARM, MSP430,RSC4128 etc)
Analog, digital & hybrid electronic systems
Measurement & Instrumentation systems (various types of meters)
Communications, radio electronics & wireless remote control devices
Industrial control systems (control panels)
Electronic instrumentation (meters)
Wireless (RF) systems design
Telephone/telecom line based electronic systems
All types of lighting, display circuits
Digital signal processing (DSP) systems (like audio codecs, video codecs, filters etc)
Computer hardware & PC interfacing circuits (LAN/ethernet, Wifi, serial port, USB, parallel port, PCMCIA etc)
Microprocessor & microcontroller based hardware & software designs
Electronic security related circuits like burglar alarms using latest infrared & ultrasonic techniques for ranging, motion sensors (detection)
Custom software development for Windows and Linux platforms. We have programmers in C, C++, Visual Basic & Visual C++
Use our software development service to interface and control your custom designed electronics hardware using a PC.
Complete electronic product development from concept to large volume electronic manufacturing services (EMS)
Re-design of obsolete or old circuits using modern technology
Design optimization services .... And more...

Our expertise lies in all fields of electronics hardware, software, electrical circuits and projects including the designs for:
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