The Embedded Services Division offers a wide range of value added services in the Telecom, Automotive, Consumer, Manufacturing and Convergence market segments. As a customer, you draw advantage from our highly competent interdisciplinary engagement and delivery teams who are in the forefront of this technically challenging area.
Designing & prototyping electronic circuits and products as per specification
Embedded systems design & prototyping (8/16/32 bit based microcontroller, microprocessor hardware/firmware/software)
Wireless (Xbee,Bluetooth,RF) electronic systems design for remote control and data communications
PCB (printed circuit board) layout design & prototyping (single & multilayer) using ORCAD or EAGLE.
Complete electronic product design
Re-engineering to optimize existing designs for lowering costs
Customized computer software development (VB, SQL, C/C++ & ASP .NET)
Large volume electronic manufacturing service at low costs with quality.
Various 8051, ARM, AVR development board with all necessary software with sample programs.
We provide a largest range of electronic hobby kits for students for building their own projects.
Embedded systems - hardware & software (firmware) design & developmentAll popular 8bit, 16bit & 32bit microcontrollers & microprocessors (PIC, 8051, AVR, ARM, MSP430,RSC4128 etc)
Analog, digital & hybrid electronic systems
Measurement & Instrumentation systems (various types of meters)
Communications, radio electronics & wireless remote control devices
Industrial control systems (control panels)
Electronic instrumentation (meters)
Wireless (RF) systems design
Telephone/telecom line based electronic systems
All types of lighting, display circuits
Digital signal processing (DSP) systems (like audio codecs, video codecs, filters etc)
Computer hardware & PC interfacing circuits (LAN/ethernet, Wifi, serial port, USB, parallel port, PCMCIA etc)
Microprocessor & microcontroller based hardware & software designs
Electronic security related circuits like burglar alarms using latest infrared & ultrasonic techniques for ranging, motion sensors (detection)
Custom software development for Windows and Linux platforms. We have programmers in C, C++, Visual Basic & Visual C++
Use our software development service to interface and control your custom designed electronics hardware using a PC.
Complete electronic product development from concept to large volume electronic manufacturing services (EMS)
Re-design of obsolete or old circuits using modern technology
Design optimization services .... And more...

Our expertise lies in all fields of electronics hardware, software, electrical circuits and projects including the designs for:
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